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Placitas Wildflower Walk May 15, 2010

Bill Dunmire led a wildflower walk through the Placitas Open Space Area on May 15, 2010. Here you can access a photographic record of the walk as well as a list of the plants Bill discussed.

The photographs were divided into three slide shows presented as pdf's linked to below. They were divided so that no single file would be more than around 11 MBs.

1) Slide Show Part I (10.2 MBs, pdf of 6/20/2010)

2) Slide Show Part II (11.1 MBs, pdf of 6/20/2010)

3) Slide Show Part III (11.2 MBs, pdf of 6/20/2010)

For list of plants discussed on the walk Click here (68 KBs, pdf of 6/9/2010)

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