Michael R. Raugh

Professional Profile

  • Mathematical interests: analysis and applications
  • I received my Masters and PhD degrees in Mathematics from Stanford University (1979).
  • I have worked on applications using differential equations, queueing theory, generalized functions, optimal control, differential geometry, group theory and signal analysis. Areas of application have included earthquake modeling, chip manufacturing, mobile telephone network modeling, biological structures (tendrils), and computer-assisted language instruction.
  • 2001–2015 I directed the summer Research in Industrial Projects for Students (RIPS) Program at UCLA's Institue for Pure and Applied Mathematics, an institute of the National Science Foundation.
  • Prior to retirement in 2006, I was professor of mathematics and director of the Math Clinic at Harvey Mudd College.
  • I have been employed at research laboratories at Stanford University, US Geological Survey and Hewlett-Packard, and served as acting director of the Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science where previously I had been chief scientist and associate director.
  • At HP Labs I patented the first rigorous method for calibrating interferometer stages, used in manufacturing computer chips and nano-technology. (Stage self-calibration: symmetry and invariance.)
  • I cofounded a Silicon Valley startup, focusing on organizing and indexing resources on the Internet, using digital library and metadata principles.
  • I co-developed the mnemonic keyword method for vocabulary acquisition (see "Mnemotechnics in second-language learning", by R. C. Atkinson in American Psychologist, 1975).

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